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What is the number one thing a human needs to survive! It’s not shelter, it’s not food. Of course, it’s water. In an emergency or survival situation, nothing matters more after your immediate safety than access to clean water. At Your Survival Shop, we take water sources very seriously. It’s our priority to test and feature only the best survival gear on the planet. When it comes to water, there’s no room for guesswork or compromises.

Fortunately, there are many different gear options when it comes to gaining access to clean water for survival. To get clean water in a survival situation, you can use water purifiers, water filtration kits, filtered water bottles, and water straw filters. Every item has its benefits and drawbacks, but all of these water survival tools will fulfill your need for good old H2O.

Tornadoes, earthquakes, floors, and storms all have the potential of cutting of your access to potable water. Storing water in your home or car is a great idea, but what happens when that runs out? It’s important to have the proper purifiers and filters to guarantee your water needs will be met. In an emergency or on a happy weekend camping trip, you always need to be prepared to secure a water source no matter what.

Your Survival Shop is proud to be your trusted supplier of survival and emergency gear. We equip rugged outdoorsman, preppers, and camping enthusiasts alike. For all of your survival and outdoor needs, check out our recommendations for fire, hunting, water, first aid, food, tools & cookware, protection & shelter, power & lighting and packs & bags. We’re always on the hunt for the best survival gear so be sure to check back soon for updates!