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Tools / Cookware

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Emergency food rations are all well and good in dire situations, but eventually you will need (and prefer) tools and cookware over the long term. For weekend camping or emergency situations, nothing can do more to lift spirits than a nice warm, cooked meal. Be prepared with the right tools and cookware for the job!

Our team at Your Survival Shop puts cooking tools to the test and only features the best items for your own survival tools and equipment. We make essential tools for every survival kit easy to find, especially when it comes to food prep equipment and cookware.

Check out our selection of grills, stoves, broilers, and fuel sources to cook your next meal. Don’t forget your machete, hatchet, and/or saw to prepare your food and cooking site. Our mess kits, flexible bowls, and packable silverware sets are lightweight and ready to dine whenever and wherever you are.

From rugged outdoorsmen to preppers to casual campers, everybody’s got to eat! Whether you’re dealing with a disaster like a tornado, earthquake, flood, or electrical outage, be prepared to stay well-fed and healthy with the proper survival cooking gear. For all of your survival and outdoor needs, check out our gear for fire, hunting, water, first aid, food, tools & cookware, protection & shelter, power & lighting and packs & bags. Check back often as our team is always finding new emergency equipment to recommend and share!