Protection and Shelter

Protection and Shelter

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When disaster strikes, don’t leave yourself vulnerable to exposure to the elements. Be prepared with Protection / Shelter from Your Survival Shop. We outfit outdoorsman, preppers, campers, and savvy homeowners with top survival gear. You can rest assured that you’re getting the best value survival shelters because we test all of our products and only offer the best of the best.

You may find yourself needing a shelter after a tornado, earthquake, flood, or storm. While some survivors may be prepared to build a survival shelter in the woods, everyone can benefit from a few key survival shelter items than can fit easily in your home or car emergency kit, like a small tent or survival blankets.

Check out our survival blankets to combat cold temperatures or harsh weather. Use them as a wrap, a ground cloth, or in constructing a lean-to shelter. Survival blankets also work for emergency signaling with their high-visibility reflective surfaces and reversible bright colors. Survival shelters and protections work just as well for weekend camping and off-grid living as they do in emergency situations.

In addition to tents, survival blankets and mosquito nets, Your Survival Shop has everything you need to stay safe during an emergency or a weekend camping trip. Browse all of our survival gear for fire, hunting, water, first aid, food, tools & cookware, protection & shelter, power & lighting and packs & bags. Our team is continually trying new emergency equipment so check back soon for updates!