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There’s one thing that most emergency and survival scenarios have in common. Many times in a disaster you do not have access to power or lights. A flashlight or lantern is constantly listed on the best survival gear lists and for good reason. Without power, light will quickly become a necessity you will miss.

Fortunately, Your Survival Shop offers only the best survival lights for emergencies, disasters, and camping too. We’ve put our flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and generators to the test and only feature the best of the best. We’re especially proud to offer hand crank emergency flashlights and lanterns so you’ll never have to worry about battery power depletion. Modern emergency flashlights and torches are often rechargeable, long lasting, and quite bright. You should always keep one on hand in your home and car.

Tornadoes, earthquakes, flooding, or storms can all cause power outages in the blink of an eye. We offer quality portable and stationary back up battery generators. Our battery generators can be charged through normal grid, solar or wind power generation. There’s no reason to be unprepared when it comes to battery back up generators or light sources in emergencies.

Browse our emergency flashlights, torches, lanterns, and generators for all of your survival power source needs. Our experienced team has also assembled the best survival gear and equipment on the market when it comes to fire, hunting, water, first aid, food, tools & cookware, protection & shelter, and packs & bags. Plus, we’re always researching new gear so you don’t have to. Check back soon for more survival equipment recommendations.