In an ever changing world and uncertain times, we at YOUR SURVIVAL SHOP believe YOU should be pre parted for any and all emergencies. YOUR SURVIVAL SHOP was founded by people who not only believe in preparedness, but practice it. From fire starting to water filtration and all the categories in between, we strive to insure that YOU have what you need, when you need it most. We offer products in several different categories such as fire, defense / hunting, first aid, food, tools / cookware, protection / shelter, power / light and packs / bags. Be sure to check back regularly as we are constantly researching/testing/adding products to our site. Also, check out our packs / bags category for unique, money saving all-in-one survival packs we put together here for YOU.

The Goal

From natural disasters to local power outages, YOUR SURVIVAL SHOP wants to be your one-stop shopping source for all things related to survival preparedness. We have sourced suppliers and manufacturers to bring you the most practical, most effective and most affordable products available – all in one place. No fluff, no waste. Plus, we have personally tested every single product we sell to ensure that:

A) it is what is says it is
B) it does what is says it does

Only then will we consider stocking it in our store for YOU. Why be so selective and go to such great lengths? It’s really quite simple, we believe that every individual should have the effective, quality tools they need, when they need them. The products we offer are the products WE want to have in case of an emergency.

The Principal

“You just never know what tomorrow might bring.” I’m sure you’ve heard that before and thought it as well. We at YOUR SURVIVAL SHOP believe you can never be too prepared, but any amount of preparation is better than nothing! That’s why we carry a large assortment of products in many different categories. From fire starters to water filtration to back up power, our company is founded on YOUR well being. We will never stop looking ahead at what new products are available or needed.